Leadership - Creating A Culture of Excellence in Senior Living

All businesses rise or fall with leadership.  This is especially true in the senior living industry. The life of that rise or fall is based on the culture the leader creates.  Learn the 3 keys to what leaders know and do.  Learn what the Importance Factor is and how you can put it to work to create and sustain a winning culture that will drive your business and occupancy above the rest.

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The Purpose of Your Senior Living Business

What is the purpose of your senior living business?  Your understanding to the answer of this question makes all the difference.  After you have gained this understanding it takes the right beliefs and behavior of associates to fulfill this purpose.  What's the purpose? How is it fulfilled?

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Group Interviews -A Little Secret in Hiring and Retention

A business cannot be better than it's people.  People are not your greatest asset, the RIGHT people are.  Learn what and where your focus should be to hire the right people.  After you hire then find out what you can do to retain them and engage them.  If you want happy residents you need happy associates.  Applying these principles caused a 47% increase in retention.

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